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Below find list of projects that are currently underway or in the planning stages. If you are interested in any of these projects please email us at

Fishing Line Recycling project was established to help reduce the number of tangled fishing lines littering the waters of Lake Norman.

Artificial Reefs create the largest amount of habitat ever for spotted and largemouth bass, bluegill and other fish at the bottom of Lake Norman.

Wild over Lake Norman is a lake-wide initiative to provide habitat for wildlife throughout the Lake Norman region.



The Coverboard project aids with the inventory and monitoring of reptiles and amphibians ("herps") on Lake Norman's islands and in the Reed's Creek area.


The Basking Platform project will provide healthy aquatic habitats in Lake Norman and at the same time create basking areas for a variety of turtle species, loafing areas for waterfowl, and foraging areas for fish. 

The Deep Fish Attractor project helps develop and increase the number of deep fish habitats around Lake Norman.



The Shoal Marker Osprey Excluder project will help prevent Osprey from trying to use lit channel markers on Lake Norman as nesting sites. 


The Osprey Nesting project includes the construction, installation, and monitoring of Osprey nesting platforms around Lake Norman.




The Shoreline Stabilization project reintroduces plant material to the island shorelines to slow erosion and provide cover for fish. .                                 

The Island Habitat project helps enhance island habitats for wildlife by cleaning them of refuse and by erecting nesting boxes. 

The goal of the Reed's Creek project is to improve water quality, and aquatic and wildlife habitat on the site.

The Wildlife Monitoring project consists of activities associated with monitoring wildlife populations in and around Lake Norman .  

The Birdhouse Bonanza project is where members create birdhouse kits that are then assembled by youth groups who are also educated on cavity-nesting birds and the creation of wildlife habitats.                   

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